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Summer '09


The Summer '09 Issue of Strange, Weird, and Wonderful Magazine marks the one year anniversary of our publication, and the stories and artwork within is our best to date.

Jeffery Scott Sims, Therese Arkenberg, Teel James Glenn, J K Hannah Greenberg, Geoffrey W. Cole, Autumn Canter, Christine Kisthardt, and the returning C. L. Rossman have given us tales of spacemen, sacrifice, and a marriage gone to the dogs.  These stories are rich in imagery and vision, and we feel you will enjoy each and every one of them.

Read the Eulogy of the recently departed, "King of Pop," from D. L. Russell, which can also be read on our Blog and the review of one of our former Featured Writers, the extremely talented, Savannah Schroll Guz, and a very personal Hey! article.

Dustin Cox, Felicia Autry, Jeremy Martinson, and Kelly Delaney all return with artwork that only keeps getting better and has come to define our zine as much as the great stories.  New comers to the zine, Rae Anne Beckius and Hallow Graphics also help to keep our standards high. Enjoy!



Featured Writer!

Jeffery Scott Sims

Jeffery Scott Sims hails from Surprise, AZ and his wonderful stories and poems have appeared in Firefox News, The Harrow, Strange Mysteries, and many more publications, large and small.  He writes in the classic style of a long gone era of Science Fiction geniuses and its our guess that one day his work will be mentioned alongside the classics.


The Return of Vanek is pure, classic Science Fiction, along the lines of a classic Science Fiction subject; survival in space.  We think Jeffery Scott Sims is pretty classic, and after reading our Feature Story, we're positive you will too.


If you'd like to learn more about Jeffery and his upcoming works, read his Interview here.






News for Readers, Writers and Artist

- Sharon Black and D. L. Russell are looking for a 3rd member for the Strange, Weird, and Wonderful family.  Specifically, someone who can manage/market the site, the blog, and various other duties, as an equal partner.  Enquire here.


- Artist: When submitting material, be aware that all future artwork will be formatted as 8 1/2" x 11" (portrait) orientation and your submission should be able to meet this size requirement without being excessively stretched.


- Every issue, we try to publish one non-fiction article.  We are open to any topic as long as it has a horror, fantasy, sci fi, or paranormal slant to it.  Articles, Interviews, Conventions, & even Local Events.


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Excerpt from The Return of Vanek

by Jeffery Scott Sims

I. A Great Day For Humanity

     "The General and the Bureaucrat stood on the podium of the observation post, flanked by subordinates, gazing out upon the vast landing field in the middle of the Arizona desert.  Fully manned emergency vehicles, ambulances and fire engines, stood nearby, ready for action.  The General scanned the clear blue sky, said, “It won’t be long now.  If he’s in shape to negotiate the landing properly, he’ll have made it, against all odds.  It’ll be a great day for the country, for the service.  Come on, Colonel Vanek, we’re counting on you.”  Said the Bureaucrat, “If he pulls it off it’ll mean enormously increased funding for the shuttle program.  He’d better make it; we’ve already got the money spent.  The President demands a full report once we’ve got him down.”  The General observed, “Quite a gathering here today, including plenty of your people.  Here comes Vorchek now.”  “Where, where?  I don’t see anything.”  “No, not Vanek; Vorchek, that scientist fellow your bunch brought in.”  “None of my doing,” replied the Bureaucrat.  “An unnecessary expense, if you ask me; money that could have been applied to proper personnel and operational costs.  It doesn’t matter.  The taxpayer will foot the bill.”

     Professor Anton Vorchek, eclectic scientist, assumed a suitable viewing position on the stand, mounting the steps with an alacrity that belied his years, while his charming young assistant Theresa Delaney skipped along behind him.  He looked out of place among the serried uniforms of the Air Force and the drab suits and smocks of the attending civilians.  Though he had dressed well for this chill winter morning, he had also dressed impressively as always, in a long leather coat flapping open in the westerly breeze, crisply creased trousers and Italian leather shoes.  He consulted his gold pocket watch, twisted the stem, stroked his short, manicured iron-gray beard, adjusted his broad floppy hat, then thought to make way for his much shorter companion.  Her appearance was of a sort to draw the eyes of dedicated professionals, all otherwise intent on their tasks and the great moment.  She had dressed, as was her wont, as for an expensive fashion show, in a tightly fitting pink blouse encompassed by a stylish fur coat, with a black woolen skirt, matching hose and tall dark high-heeled boots that had never seen the inside of a store.  A small olive beret topped her long golden hair.  They joined their host, a more conventionally attired gentleman with an intelligent and worried face.

     Said this man, Doctor Philip Markley, “It’s good of you to come, Vorchek.  This may be a waste of your time, or it may be right up your alley.  There’s strangeness to this business.  Even if all goes well today, I intend to get to the bottom of it.  We’ll learn a lot, at any rate, that should be useful to the manned space program in the future.”

     Said Vorchek, in his precise, slightly accented voice, “It is my pleasure, Doctor.  Despite all of the political mummery involved these days, the exploration of space continues to fascinate.  It may not be truly the last frontier-- there are others-- but it is a frontier, and there lies learning.  I am honored to be here, and hope to contribute to the best of my ability.”"































 Story Prompt Contests



Fall '09 Prompt 12:

In 1000 words or less, write a sci fi tale of a scientist who creates a completely internal mechanical heart, and how it changes the world.


Fall '09 Prompt 11:

In 1000 words or less, write a horror story in which the falling leaves of autumn become acidic to human skin.


Fall '09 Prompt 10:

In 1000 words or less, write an erotic fantasy about a group of aliens who's species only mates every twenty years.


Summer '09 Prompt 9: WINNER!

In 1000 words or less, write an action packed tale of a futuristic car chase in a crowded American city.


Summer '09 Prompt 8: WINNER!

In 1000 words or less, write a humorous fantasy about an alien being left behind on earth after he gets into an argument with his/her partner/mate on board the ship.


Summer '09 Prompt 7: CLOSED

In 1000 words or less, write a "moment of discovery" sci fi tale of an advance party team from our dying planet, sent to find a new earth.


Spring '09 Prompt 6: WINNER!

In 1000 words or less, write a horrific tale of a man who is constantly paranoid about having a booger hanging from his nose.


Spring '09 Prompt 5: WINNER!

In 1000 words or less, write a fantasy about group of young dragon's rite of passage.


Spring '09 Prompt 4: WINNER!

In 1000 words or less, write a story about a poor farmer who finds an amazing rock while tilling his field after the Spring thaw.


Winter '09 Prompt 3: WINNER!

Using 1000 words or less write about a woman who must tell her family she will soon become a vampire and that they will never see her again.  She gives them all the news during Christmas dinner.


Winter '09 Prompt 2: WINNER!

Using 1000 words or less, write about a man, lost in a snow storm being helped to survive with the assistance of tiny creatures that live in the snow.  When he is rescued, he can't stop talking about his saviors.


Fall '08 Prompt 1:  WINNER!

In the spirit of Halloween & Trick or Treating, the first prompt will require you to write a 1000 word horror story about a young couple returning home with their five year old son after Trick or Treating in the neighborhood.  As they walk up to their front porch, they realize there is a severed head hanging from their doorknob.  The head has two large nails hammered into both ears, connected together by a length of chain.



Submit all prompts to PromptContest@strangeweirdandwonderful.com  The most creative and best written entries will be published in the next  issue and online at www.strangeweirdandwonderful.com  Only one entry per person per prompt.  Stories should be complete, with characterization, style, and setting being our primary consideration....